2024 5Th Year Contract Option Decisions For All Teams

NFL teams had to decide on fifth-year options for 2020 first-round draft picks by Tuesday

Some teams made early decisions, like the Dolphins picking up Tua Tagovailoa's option

The Packers signed Jordan Love to an extension with guaranteed money

Players like Chase Young, Isaiah Simmons, and Mekhi Becton are now in their contract year after their options were declined

NFL.com provided a list of players whose options were picked up or declined

Options were exercised for players like Joe Burrow, Andrew Thomas, and Justin Herbert

Options were declined for players like Chase Young, Isaiah Simmons, and Mekhi Becton

Some teams exercised options to buy more time before long-term extensions

Injuries influenced teams' decisions, with players like Mekhi Becton and Chase Young missing significant time

Declined options don't necessarily prevent players from getting big contracts, like Daniel Jones signing a lucrative deal despite his option being declined