Dallas Cowboys Dominate Forbes' List as Most Profitable Sports Team, Earning $1.2 Billion in Just Three Years

The Dallas Cowboys are the most profitable sports team worldwide, earning nearly $1.2 billion in the past three years

Forbes analyzed data from various sports leagues to compile their study

The Cowboys' operating income surpasses all other sports teams, with the New England Patriots in second place

The top 10 most profitable teams include the Cowboys, Patriots, Tottenham Hotspur, New York Knicks

Manchester United, Houston Texans, Golden State Warriors, New York Giants, Los Angeles Lakers, and Manchester City

The study consisted of 13 NFL teams, seven NBA teams, four English Premier League teams, and one Bundesliga team in the top 25

MLB and NHL teams did not make the list due to pandemic-related financial challenges

The Cowboys have been the richest NFL team since 1989 when Jerry Jones bought them for a record price

Despite recent championship droughts, the Cowboys remain relevant and profitable

The team's success is attributed to a strong fanbase, media presence, marketing strategies, and consistent playoff performance