Daniela Melchior Reflects on Unsettling Scene and Future of 'Fast X' Franchise

Daniela Melchior, known for Ratcatcher 2 in "The Suicide Squad," discussed her career with The Hollywood Reporter

Vin Diesel offered Melchior a role in "Fast X" after being impressed by her performance

Meeting Vin Diesel and his sister made Melchior realize the impact of her Ratcatcher 2 role

The offer for "Fast X" without an audition was a significant career moment for Melchior

In "Fast X," Melchior plays Isabel, Elena Neves' sister, but her character's future is uncertain

Vin Diesel encouraged Melchior to consider her character's future but not in the current film

Melchior had a memorable scene with Jason Momoa where he licked her face as part of the script

Melchior stayed in character during the scene, even though being licked was uncomfortable for her