Dolly Parton's Unbelievable Rule-Breaking Stuns Fans You Won't Believe What She Did

Dolly Parton is known for breaking rules, even her own, as shown in a recent interview

She is venturing into rock music, which may have influenced her outspokenness on politicians

Dolly criticized politicians for being greedy and lacking truthfulness in her song lyrics

When asked about specific politicians, she simply said, "All of them"

She believes politicians prioritize their party over the people and should focus on doing what's right

Dolly's departure from her usual silence on politics has been well received on social media

She has always avoided discussing her political alignment, valuing her individuality

Dolly avoids public political statements to prevent being judged based on others' opinions

She has seen the negative consequences faced by artists who speak out and respects her audience too much to risk it