Jackie Chan and John Cena's Action-Packed Comedy in a Mad Max World

Jackie Chan and John Cena team up for the action-comedy film 'Hidden Strike'

The film's trailer promises an exciting adventure similar to Mad Max

Jackie Chan gained fame in Hong Kong and became a Hollywood star through movies like 'Rush Hour'

Despite being 69 years old, Jackie Chan is still active in the industry and 'Rush Hour 4' is in progress

Initially, Sylvester Stallone was supposed to star alongside Jackie Chan, but he had other commitments

'Hidden Strike' follows ex-special forces soldiers escorting civilians on a dangerous journey in Baghdad

The cast includes Pilou Asbæk, known from 'Game of Thrones,' as the main villain

The film is directed by Scott Waugh, known for movies like 'Need for Speed'

The script is written by Arash Amel, who has worked on notable projects