Options For Breaking The Stalemate Between Josh Jacobs And Raiders GM Dave Ziegler

Josh Jacobs is at a critical point in his NFL career as he is franchise-tagged by the Las Vegas Raiders

He could play out the year and become a free agent, demanding a significant compensation package from other teams

It's unlikely that another team would trade two first-round picks for him, and the Raiders may not offer top-dollar for a running back

He believes he deserves fair compensation and wants to be paid like a hero, considering his impressive performance

The Raiders' unstable quarterback situation increases Jacobs' value to the team, making it important for them to retain him with a substantial salary

While it's not reported, Jacobs could potentially refuse to play or force his release, as some players have done in the past

General manager Dave Ziegler's decisions will determine Jacobs' future, and he needs to back up his admiration with a suitable financial offer

The franchise tag allows the Raiders to give Jacobs a raise while keeping costs down, but it falls short of his deserving payday