Shocking Moment Jane Fonda's Award Outburst at Cannes 2023!

Jane Fonda grabbed attention at Cannes by throwing an award certificate at director Justine Triet's back

Fonda was presenting the Palme d'Or to Triet for her film "Anatomy of the Fall"

Triet accidentally left the award behind, prompting Fonda to try and get her attention

Fonda got frustrated and threw the certificate, hitting Triet's head

The incident went viral, with Fonda praised for her bold move

Fonda mentioned the lack of women directors in the past at Cannes and acknowledged progress

Triet became the third woman to win the Palme d'Or at Cannes

In her speech, Triet criticized social unrest in France and the commodification of culture

Triet dedicated her prize to aspiring directors facing obstacles