Pirates' Jack Suwinski achieves mind-blowing feat, joining Barry Bonds in the history books

Jack Suwinski is an underrated player for the Pittsburgh Pirates

He hit two home runs into McCovey Cove, a feat previously achieved only by Barry Bonds

Despite the Pirates' loss, Suwinski showcased his potential and has a promising future

He leads the Pirates with 11 home runs in just 45 games and ranks among the top 20 MLB players in long balls

Suwinski has hit a total of 30 home runs in his first 151 major league games

His current batting average is .239, but his power-hitting ability is impressive

The Pirates hope to see Suwinski improve his average and develop a more balanced approach at the plate

Suwinski has his own power swing and can hit long balls, even without the same recognition as Bonds

His outstanding performance against the Giants showcased his consistent ability to hit home runs